Tacos El Gallito

Al pastor, asada, and pollo tacos

With the food truck craze in full effect here in Southern California, it’s nice to know that the O.G.s (Original Gastronomic-vehicles) are still going strong. The “roach coaches” have been a staple of workplace breakfasts and lunches for years and even with the proliferation of trucks catering to every taste, these restaurants-on-wheels will always have a place in the SoCal foodscape. There’s something comforting about seeing a lunch truck pull up to a parking lot, lift its doors, and start doling out piping hot coffee and hangover-curing, gut-bomb breakfast burritos.

I found myself in Torrance on a Sunday afternoon and instead of my usual pitstop at King’s Hawaiian Bakery & Restaurant, I decided on lunch from a truck. Quickly checking in with my fellow foodies on yelp.com, I located Tacos El Garrito in neighboring Harbor City.

It’s easy to find Tacos El Garrito along PCH (at Bixby) and there’s plenty of parking. The guy in line with me was lamenting the fact that the tacos had just gone up in price, from $1.25 to $1.40. We chatted for a bit and when he finally got around to asking for some spare change, I gave him enough so he could get an extra taco.

My good deed for the day done, I ordered an al pastor taco and asada taco. Within minutes, they were served on a paper plate with no frills, just a good amount of meat on two steaming corn tortillas. There was a condiment bar on the truck and I loaded up my tacos with onions, cilantro, and their excellent green sauce. Diced tomatoes were also available, along with the requisite slices of radish. I grabbed a few lime wedges to squeeze over my tacos and cracked open a Diet Coke.

One bite was all it took to remind me why my love of taco trucks is an everlasting and eternal one. Sure, I’ll have the occasional fling with thin crust pizza, a one-night stand with a cheeseburger, and my dim sum mistress will always be there for me, but my love of tacos is true and will stand the test of time.

Total bill: 5 tacos (order another round of al pastor and asada, along with a pretty good pollo), 1 can of Diet Coke, plus a dollar to my new friend in line: less than $10.

More photos (click to view full size):


2 responses to “Tacos El Gallito

  1. I have yet to try eating/catching a taco truck. I went during a launching of a filipino food truck called Manila Machine but I was 20 minutes late… food was sold out.
    Tacos Gallito sounds like a real “taco” truck heheh…
    great meeting you and thank you for visiting my site.

    • Hi Malou! I’ve usually had good experiences with the taco trucks here in Southern California and Tacos El Gallito was no exception; it was excellent. I tried the Manila Machine two weeks ago and it was fantastic! A review will be posted here soon … with pix, of course. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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